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Our Mission

  Giving back to our youth talents globally is our mission to helping our next generation achieve their goals in the fashion industry where sometimes it can seem impossible in an ever changing world that can be challenging, discouraging, and frustrating, which is often caused by not having the proper guidance, leadership, and available resources in real time to get them prepared for their future of being successful.

  The Fashion Feeds Foundation is proud to support our youth around the world with professional experiences that our Founder, Creative Art and Design Director, Tamil Robinson has endured during four decades of evolving his God given gift, passion and determination to overcoming the boundaries and stereotypes in becoming known and respected of his true artistic talent from sports licensing apparel to high end luxury fashion!

  To accomplish such a mission FFF (Fashion Feeds Foundation will co-brand and align ourselves with global organizations in music, sports and media to donate along with our proceeds from sales to bring to fruition in getting state of the art equipment, proper up to date knowledge of the fashion industry, affordable travel experience, because without actually seeing and believing you can't always complete your mission and our mission is to build up the youth  across America and the world so that the next generation can follow.

Winners Of The FIT (Fashion Institute Of Technology NYC USA / Tamil Robinson Fashion Award For Outstanding Design

Winners Of The FIT NYC Tamil Robinson Award for Best Design
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